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All of our jigs are proudly Made in the united states of America

Dovetail Jigs and Accessories


We are currently closed and have temporarily disabled the ordering/payment options. In order to be notified about our reopening, send an email with "Notify Me" in the subject line. You will recieve an email as soon as we are again shipping products. We cannot reply to emails asking for a reopening date.

 Our dovetail spline jigs are extruded from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum bar. They are unparalleled for accuracy, strength, and durability. 

The jigs are extruded from aluminum bar stock which has been made from domestically mined ore only - none of the aluminum ore is imported. 


Dovetail Spline Master Systems; K-8, K-12, K-24 or Combo Packages.      

 Master Kits include the following:


  • One K-8, K-12, or K-24 aircraft grade aluminum dovetail spline jig 
  • Precision spline-making jig customized for your table saw
  • Magnetic stop block with two powerful rare earth magnets
  • One rare earth "stop magnet" for spline-maker jig
  • Carbide router bits* 
  • One dozen pre-cut premium hardwood splines
  • HDPE Spline Tester
  • Test Spline; triple-checked for accuracy
  • Instructions
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Shipped USPS Priority Mail to all 50 states & worldwide (international orders must request shipping quote prior to ordering).
  • Kit comes with everything you need - right out of the box.

*Kits include one 1/2" bit. Based on inventory at the time of your order we may include various size/angle bits.

What is tilt orientation?  In the middle drop-down menu below under "Spline-Making Jig Options" you will see a choice of Left or Right tilt.  This refers to the direction your table saw blade tilts, when you adjust the bevel angle standing in the operator position. If the top of the blade starts pointing toward the left as you turn the handwheel, it is a left tilt saw, and vice-versa for a right tilt saw. This information is critical so that we may include the proper spline-making jig with your kit; it has nothing to do with the actual dovetail spline jig itself which is used in conjunction with your router.

Bearings or Guide Bushings? In the lower drop-down menu, you'll have the option to receive bits with or without bearings. By far the best way to go is with guide bushings (without bearings). If you don't currently have any get them. This will give you maximum versatility and allow for depth adjustments not possible with bearings. We have not used bearings ourselves for many years; the only reason we include the option is for those of you who may have routers that cannot accept guide bushings since we want you to be able to use the kit right out of the box. The bearings will work fine for you but guide bushings are much much better if you already have them, or have a router that can accept them. Most routers can. If you choose to order bits only, we will include an extra bag of premium precut splines in lieu of the bearings. 

Minimum/Maximum Guide Bushing I.D. & O.D (bits with 1/4" shanks):

K-12 & K-24

Min I.D. = 5/16"

Max O.D. = 5/8"


Min I.D. =5/16"

Max O.D. - 1/2"

Double check all three selections below before adding to your cart!

Select your Master Kit & options from the drop-down menus below.

Model Options
Spline-Making Jig Options
Bearings or Guide Bushing?



Add additonal models when you order your Master Kit and SAVE.

The K-24 is a large heavy jig; there is a surcharge added to ship this jig but we do not add any "handling" charges to any of our shipping charges. In fact we usually end up absorbing some of the costs when a K-24 is ordered.

K-24 & Combo Savings Option


K-12 Option


High tension spring clamps included FREE with every Master Kit order! 

Corner Inlaying Jig
Includes Jig and instructions.

Having trouble getting those perfect mitered corners every time? No problem . . . . 

We highly recommend you include this simple, yet amazing  jig. Coupled with the tapered splines, it will add that extra flair to certain projects that nothing else will achieve. Puts the old standard table saw equivalents to shame.  The thing that users love most about this jig is that you don't have to throw a project in the wood stove if you didn't achieve those perfect mitered corners that are so hard to get. Just use the inlayer to "hide" the corner. No one will ever suspect the mitered corner was less than perfect, because now it looks flawless! Prices below include shipping. Shipping is free when ordered with a kit. 


Inlayer Options

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